How to get back a stolen TikTok account

How to get access to your TikTok account after you have been hacked

Learn what to do if your TikTok account is stolen and how to protect your account from intruders. All about standard methods and alternative ways to restore access to your profile.

Not being able to log in to your account with your usual username and password is an obvious sign that your TikTok account has been stolen. But hacking your account may not be so obvious. We'll tell you exactly how to determine that your profile has been compromised, and what to do to regain access to your account below.

Can I get my stolen TikTok account back?

Signs that your TikTok account has been stolen

You can tell if your TikTok account has been stolen by the following signs:

  • there are messages in the sent ones that you didn't write;
  • you see feedback and comments (written on your behalf) that are unknown to you;
  • new videos appear in your profile without your involvement, or old ones are deleted;
  • you can't log in to your page with your usual username and password;
  • the phone number or email address linked to the account has changed;
  • your social networking nickname has changed.

The first thing to do in these cases (if you can log into your account, of course) is to check the list of devices from which you logged into your account.

To do this, open the "Me" tab in the bottom right corner, and then click the three vertical dots in the top bar to go to "Settings and Privacy".

How to view connected devices in TikTok

In the window that opens, select Security and go to Device Management. This will display all devices that have recently logged into your account.

If you see extra smartphones or tablets here, it's a clear sign that you've been hacked.

How to get back a stolen TikTok account

If you're just observing suspicious activity on your page, but you're still logging in to your account freely, change your account password immediately. You can change your credentials in the Settings section of the Account Management section.

You can also link other phone numbers and emails to your account here. We recommend doing this in case an intruder tries to restore the password via the email or phone number you specified earlier.

After changing the login data, all open sessions on other devices will be instantly terminated.

To keep your account as secure as possible, try to create complex passwords that would be impossible to guess using traditional methods. The combination you create should not include your personal information, names, names and birthdates of your relatives, pet names, and other information that could easily be accessed by an unauthorized person.

An example of a strong password to secure an account

If for some reason you were unable to change your password to regain access to your TikTok account, contact Technical Support.

  1. Open the settings and go to Support.
  2. Select "Report a problem".
  3. Click on the pen icon in the upper right corner.
  4. Describe your problem in as much detail as possible.
  5. Click "Done" and send a message about the problem.

Now you just have to wait for TikTok technical support to respond and, following the instructions, return your stolen account.

How to protect your TikTok account from hacking

As we wrote above, the main thing you need to do to protect your account is to come up with a complex password. But this is not the only method to affect the security of your personal data.

  • Be wary of sites offering free account promotion and other bonuses. Remember that quality services usually cost money.
  • Do not enter authorization data when connecting to public networks in restaurants, shopping malls, educational institutions, etc.
  • Set two-factor authentication in the application settings and enter not only your login, but also a one-time code from SMS or mailing list to log in to your account. Verification is turned on in the settings under "Security".
  • Do not click on suspicious links received from friends in private messages. There is a high probability that your friend has been hacked, and through him intruders are trying to get the data of other users.
  • Do not enter the authorization data from your TikTok account on third-party resources. Because it can be a phishing page created to get the personal data of the application users.
  • Use different username+password mappings on different sites. This way, if attackers break into one account, they still won't gain access to your other accounts.
Protection of personal data at the stage of TikTok account creation

What to do if tech support refuses to return access to your TikTok account

Unfortunately, it is not always possible to return a stolen account, even with the help of TikTok technical support. If you don't keep your account secure and let attackers gradually change your personal information, the security service of the social network may not consider such actions as hacking of the page and consider your appeal to be erroneous.

In this case, you can regain control of the account by using third-party web applications. And one of these is TkSpy. The program allows you to access your account, knowing only the username or phone number to which the account is tied.

Along with an archive containing complete information about the user's social networking activity, the app also provides up-to-date authorization data. This will allow you to log in to your account and change the username and password set by intruders.

How to restore a TikTok account via TkSpy


Hacking into social media accounts can easily become a serious problem and bring a lot of trouble. But if you want immediate access to your account, don't wait for technical support to respond and hope that they will quickly resolve your issue. It's much easier and faster to get your stolen profile back on your own. To do this, go to the TkSpy application website, enter your username or phone number in the appropriate line and run the software. Within 10-15 minutes you'll get an archive with a full history of activity and up-to-date registration data.

With TkSpy, you can not only recover a stolen account, but also instantly gain access to someone else's account. Whether or not to use this method for such purposes is up to you to decide. We just want to remind you of the highest level of confidentiality of the software and the use of end-to-end encryption algorithms when exchanging data with the app users. This allows you to completely hide the traffic from third parties and exclude the possibility of identifying the actions performed by TkSpy users.