Hack someone else's TikTok message history

Track another person's correspondence

Before you launch the hack, enter TikTok ID of the target profile or a phone number to which it is linked:
  • check Hack someone else's message history by TikTok ID
  • check Tracking new messages in live mode
  • check Attached files, videos and links
  • check Deleted and edited messages
  • check Recovering deleted and edited messages

By registering an account in the Dashboard, you automatically accept all Terms & Conditions.

  • I can't stop thinking about it for the last few days
  • Maybe you know how to access his correspondence? Otherwise, I can't stop thinking about him.
  • You're supposed to be good with technology :))
  • I know a little bit. Let me think about it.
  • Look, you can hack into his social networks and track his messages! Where does he sit?
  • He's kind of a tiktoker.
  • There's an app called TkSpy that can hack TikTok messages! Want to try it? There you can also get more subscribers for your profile :))


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Hack someone else's TikTok message history

How to hack message history online

The software hacks the target account and logs into it on a virtual device, then copies the account database and unfolds it in the Dashboard. The data packets associated with correspondence are displayed in a tab appropriately named. User gets access to correspondence data as soon as the hack is completed.

  • We have our own tiktok house.
  • We want to control the bloggers, but anonymously.
  • is that possible?
  • Hi Valentine, it's easy
  • First, you register on the TkSpy platform, through it we will establish surveillance of their activity
  • Ok, got it, I will do it tonight and I will write you after. thank you!

Tracking Installation

How It Works

After logging into a hacked account, the app's algorithms install tracking tools in the account to track incoming and outgoing messages. Tracking occurs in real time, meaning that new messages are displayed in the software interface within seconds of being sent.

Flexible Notification System

The default notification settings are to notify TkSpy users of all new messages in the target account's database. In order to limit notifications and learn only about important messages, you need to go to Settings > Notifications, select one of the notification script sets or create your own scripts.

Privacy Settings

Settings Tracking

The privacy settings of the target account can help identify with whom the compromised user is communicating. In addition to the settings themselves, the software tracks the history of their changes - so you can find out which exceptions were added and removed from the privacy settings by the owner of the account being tracked.

Unsent Messages

This tab stores messages that the user tried to send to other profiles, but that didn't reach their owners due to limitations set by privacy settings. For each message, you can see the date and time it was sent and the number of retries. With the appropriate settings, such messages can be displayed in the general correspondence history.

  • Haven't used my TikTok account for a couple of years now
  • I lost some very important info in my messages there
  • and then they tell me that it's possible to hack TikTok messages, can you imagine?
  • Wow, that's a good way.
  • What kind of app do you use?
  • TkSpy message tracker, Joe advised me

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Data Repository

Archive of Attached Files

Attached files section contains all data packages containing video recordings, audio recordings, links and any files sent to the chat, which require third-party software to open. To save storage space, users can configure the software to compress attachments into ZIP archives and store them as such in the TkSpy database.

Additional Tools

  • Navigation Tools

    There are currently two tools integrated into the app's functionality that greatly optimize the experience of navigating through your message history. The first tool, Smart Search, provides the deepest possible keyword search, taking into account all possible errors and peculiarities of word spelling. The second, Explorer, presents the message history in a structured way.

  • AI-Enabled Tools

    The main purpose for which we integrated artificial intelligence into TkSpy is to analyze message content. We are constantly expanding the list of topics that AI can track. So far, the software's functionality supports message tracking related to meetings, places and events, financial reporting, expressing feelings, arguments and conflicts, and discussing other people.

  • How It Works

    The effectiveness of this tool depends entirely on whether the TikTok app has the necessary permissions. In cases where TikTok does not have permissions to access SMS messages and Contacts, the software sends a request to the device once a day to get this permission.

  • Tracked Data Packages

    TkSpy app gives users full access to the message history and contact list stored on the device. If the hacked account holder is using an iOS device, the software usually manages to gain access to the iMessages history.

Ways to track someone else's TikTok correspondence

1 1

Gaining access to the device and installing a message tracker

This approach will require some finesse, because in order to start tracking, you will have to somehow install a message tracker app on your potential victim's device. Such applications are not suitable for those who want to read the correspondence of another person on TikTok, but are great if you are interested in how to set parental control over the correspondence and activity of a child.

2 2

Download and install a specialized application

The most popular and common option. The disadvantage of this approach is that you have to search for a suitable application for quite a long time and lose time downloading and installing it. Many applications promise to free hack message histories, but in reality do not support this functionality. In general, if you want to hack another person's correspondence - you can try, but it may be worth stopping at the following option.

3 3

Use the TkSpy Web Application

The correspondence tracking application is a proven way to read other people's messages. The application does not need to be downloaded and installed, and the hack is quite fast. So, you will spend only 20 minutes to track messages on TikTok by phone number.


What our customers think about us

Julie Bailey
star star star star star5

Hacked my husband's account to track his messages. Lately I started to think he was lying about where he was going. I have a pretty old iPhone, but TkSpy works perfect on it, without delays and does not seem to affect the battery consumption.

instagram Instagram
star star star star star5

The most reliable and safe to hack correspondence in TikTok! Believe me, I have tried different ones. I will not describe my experience in detail, the only thing I will say is that the application has never failed, and I have been tracking the correspondence of 4 people from one account! I like that it can send notifications, it makes tracking much easier. I recommend it to anyone who is seriously thinking about hacking.

facebook Facebook
star star star star star5

I am writing to say thank you, dear developers. Your application solved so many of my problems! To anyone who is doubring I say: it is worth it. I hacked into my husband's Tiktok chats, and learned a lot of things I needed to know

instagram Instagram
star star star star star5

Hacked into my girlfriend's correspondence to find out how honest she is with me. I created an account, paid for it (by the way, the price is very adequate, I was pleased), and in just a few seconds the hack was complete. The app shows all profile messages, you can get notifications about new messages and other activities. 9 out of 10, great software.

instagram Instagram
star star star star star5

My girlfriend still doesn't know I'm following her and I hacked her tiktok 4 months ago! I think that's enough to briefly describe my experience. I like the interface and speed of processing of this software, everything works without delay, even though my phone is older than TikTok itself. I also had to deal with their support team once and they were very fast and competent in their replies.

facebook Facebook
star star star star star5

I hacked my competitor's profile to see his communication scripts. I appreciate the design of the app: everything is very simple and accessible, even though there is a lot of information. I am a designer myself, so I express my professional respect!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I set up spying on a user if their privacy settings are maximally restricted?

Yes, you can. The ability to set up tracking is in no way related to the privacy settings of the target account.

Does the app functionality allow me to change the privacy settings of a compromised account?

Unfortunately, you can't manage privacy settings through the TkSpy interface, but you can use the username and password available in the Dashboard to log in to a hacked account and change your privacy settings.

Does the software interface show the status of tracked messages?

Yes, the software architecture provides three statuses for messages: Sent, Delivered, and Read.

Is there any way I can export the message history?

Yes, to do so, open your Dashboard and find the Messages tab. Here you need to click on the Export button, it is located at the bottom of the page. You can export your message history as a CSV spreadsheet and then download it to your device or email it to yourself.

Is it true that the TkSpy app can access the SMS history on the target user's device?

Yes, in order to hack the SMS message history, the app needs to use the permission given to the hacked TikTok app to access it. In the absence of such access, tracking another person's SMS through TikTok will not be possible.