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Application for generating new subscribers

To activate hacking, enter TikTok ID of your account or the phone number it is registered to:
  • check Unlimited new subscribers generation
  • check Secure hack of TikTok Hearts and TikTok Coins
  • check Generate likes and views without verification
  • check Automated scenarios and scheduling
  • check Flexible pricing and quality subscribers

By registering an account in the Dashboard, you automatically accept all Terms & Conditions.

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Application to hack someone else's TikTok account online | Tkspy

How Does It Work

The software uses a database of verified TikTok accounts for the cheat. At the moment their number exceeds 10 thousand and regularly increases. After registering and authorizing in TkSpy Dashboard, you get access to these accounts: depending on the package purchased, they can generate a certain number of subscribers, views, and likes. The number of units specified by the user is generated within a predetermined period of time after the request for additions has been placed.

Likes and Views

Users of all packages have access to daily generation of likes and views. The number of provided provided is predetermined for each package. If necessary, users may expand the limit of available likes and views at any time.


Unlike likes and views, limits on the number of new fans are set for a week and generation is slower - thanks to the special approach used by TkSpy, generated subscribers are not identified as suspicious by TikTok's security system.

How It Works

TikTok's internal currency is stored on users' accounts for an unlimited amount of time and can be spent or transferred to another user at any time. This is the feature that the app uses - the software accesses long unused accounts and gives the remaining TikTok Coins in the account to registered TkSpy users.

How to Get TikTok Coins

Any TkSpy user can get a certain amount of TikTok Coins depending on which package they have purchased. Immediately after first logging into an account, users can also request a certain amount of coins. New coins can be requested at the beginning of each week.

Secure Third-party Interface

To manage the generation TkSpy users must log in to their Dashboard - the software interface has more than 20 tools to interact with and regulate their account data. TkSpy is a cross-platform web application, which means that the interface is equally stable and fast on any device and any operating system.

About Us | TkSpy

Instant Notifications

Notification system allows you to be instantly informed about limits resetting and end of your order. In order to receive notifications only about important updates, you can create notification scripts (Dashboard > Settings > Notifications > Scripts). The system provides browser and system notifications, as well as email newsletters.

Analytics Tools

If you use the likes and followers generation tools for TikTok, TkSpy counters are the only transparent analytics platform. Counters displays the number of "natural" subscribers, likes and video views. The tool shows the number of counting units without regard to faking, and the percentage of real and generated subscribers, likes, or views.

Monetization and Tips

This tool allows you to track and analyze all incoming TikTok Diamonds transfers. Through the interface of the Monetization tab, you can determine which posts bring in more donations, how this is affected by the time of publication, how many Diamonds you get on average from one user who has watched the video. Also the Tips and tricks function can be enabled in Settings.

Anonymity and Privacy

The algorithms of the software constantly monitor the reaction of the TikTok security system to the generated units. If a user's account is given a suspicious status by the results of a session, the software automatically stops and limits further cheating, notifies the user of the reason for setting the limit and the time frame for their withdrawal.

How does automated generation on TikTok work

The software uses a database of verified TikTok accounts - at the moment their number exceeds 10 thousand and grows regularly. After registering and authorizing in TkSpy Dashboard, the user gets these accounts: depending on the package purchased, they can generate a certain number of subscribers, views, and likes. The user-specified number of boost units is generated within a predetermined period of time after the boost request has been placed.

How to gain free likes on TikTok without verification


Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any chance that my TikTok profile will be blocked as a result of tapping?

A feature of TkSpy is that the generation of likes or followers is constantly monitored by the software. If there is a risk of blocking, the software will automatically stop the cheating session.

What security measures should be observed when activating the hack? Should I enable VPN?

There is no particular need - the TkSpy Dashboard is a third-party interface, so you do not interact in any way with TikTok itself, and there is no risk of detecting yourself.

Can I sell TikTok Coins gained with TkSpy to other users?

Of course, all the received TikTok Coins are yours and you can use them at your own discretion.

Can I generate likes or followers for another profile at the same time?

Yes, but you have to create a new TkSpy session for that profile. You can create a new session in Account Settings, in the Active Sessions tab.

I am not satisfied with the limits set for my TkSpy account. Can I change them?

Of course! You can change the packages you are currently using at any time by going to the Dashboard > Settings > Available functionality.