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Track another person by ID

To start tracking, specify TikTok ID or linked phone number of the profile you are going to track:
  • check Access the target account's private postings
  • check Track all comments, Reactions and Duets
  • check Identify another person's IP address through TikTok
  • check Find out who the TikTok user is subscribed to
  • check Track likes and followers

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Theresita Swann
  • My husband was supposed to be back from a business trip three days ago
  • Honestly, I'm getting a little paranoid.
  • My sister says we should track his social media activity through some kind of tracker.
  • Listen, make sure it's anonymous and safe!
  • Otherwise, you never know where it's going to go.
  • I already found an activity tracker for TikTok.
  • Have you read the reviews?
  • Great ones!
  • Then good luck, let me know how it turns out.


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Application to hack someone else's TikTok account online | Tkspy

How to track another person's private TikTok videos

Actually there aren't many ways to view hidden TikTok videos on someone else's profile. To do so, you either need to hack the account of one of the users to whom these videos are available or use a private video viewing app. The only secure software that supports the private posting tracking feature is the TkSpy hidden video hacking app. Once you sign up for the app, you can watch private videos and private publications from popular accounts. In addition, the software is suitable to track the IP address through TikTok, and track other user activity. TkSpy activity tracker is a safe, proven way to hack private videos on TikTok.

Tracking Personal Information

Track IP via TikTok

The software broadcasts the actual IP addresses of all the devices where the hacked TikTok profile is authorized to the Dashboard. By opening the Active Sessions > IP Log tab, you can view the full history of the IP addresses used by the account owner. When you click the Export button, the software will convert the Log to a CSV table and make it available for downloading.

Monitor Phone Number and Email

Once the hack is compleetd, TkSpy algorithms deploy a full database of the target profile in the application interface, containing sensitive user data. You will be able to track the phone number and email numbers tied to the account, and if any payment system accounts have ever been tied to the account, the software will identify their public data.

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iOS Google Chrome, Windows 10

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Universal tracker of other people's TikTok activity | Tkspy

Hacking Private Publications

View Private Videos

The functionality of the app allows you to access all the publications of the target TikTok account, regardless of the privacy settings set for the post. Tracking capabilities also extend to deleted and blocked videos - they are displayed in a separate tab of the Dashboard and marked with trash can icons.

Track Privacy Settings

For each tracked video the app creates an information block which contains data about the time of publication, information about privacy settings, number of views and likes, applied filters and audio recordings. When you open this tab, you can see which users the owner of the compromised account allowed to display the video, and which users viewed it.

Interaction Tracking

Monitoring Reactions and Duets

There is a separate tab in the software interface for these types of publications. Unique feature of Tracking Reactions and Duets via TkSpy is that the application also tracks and displays in the Dashboard the videos that the target user recorded, but decided not to publish. TikTok's algorithms store such videos in a database so the software is able to track them.

Likes and Comments

The tracking of likes and comments is done in real time, data on new interactions is recorded and becomes available for viewing instantly. We recommend setting up separate notification scripts for these types of data: with the default settings, the software will not notify you about new likes and comments.

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TkSpy Also Tracks

  • Subscriptions, Followers and Friends

    The app constantly analyzes profile interactions with other accounts. The processed data is converted into information blocks that give you acomprehensive view of who the other person is communicating with on TikTok. By opening such a block, you can see whether users are subscribed to each other, how often they like each other's videos and much more.

  • Viewing History

    The tool collects data about viewed videos and visited profiles, and publishes them as an analogue of browser history. Initially the information is displayed in chronological order, but you can set up sorting by one of a dozen available options if you want. In order to make it easier to navigate through the browsing history, the application has an extensive filter system.

  • Track Hacks Traces

    TkSpy's click-tracking system works much deeper and more efficiently than the identical tool on TikTok. To track clicked subscribers, likes and views, the software analyzes more than 30 metrics. The analysis is done in real time, with results available for review within a minute of detecting suspicious activity.

  • Visualizing Data

    Information is published in an interactive table with fields: Type of activity (subscriber, likes or views), Source of activity (in this field you will find a link to the profile of the user whose activity was considered suspicious), Suspicious interactions in the past and Probability of tipping (displayed as a percentage).


What our customers think about us

Maria Luisa
star star star star star5

I found information about TkSpy in parent chat, some moms were discussing how right it is to use such an app for parental control. I decided to try it, and academic semester later I want to say that I do not see any evil in it. I tried to stay out of my son's life, but I feel much safer knowing that at any time I can find out where he is or track bad influences from other teens

instagram Instagram
von Proost
star star star star star5

My husband was obviously hiding something from me, so I had to take action! Fortunately, I have not found anything particularly provocative, but it is quite possible that he simply does not use TikTok for his intrigues. Anyway, what I paid for - I got. I am not a very advanced user, but I understood the program immediately and liked it a lot

facebook Facebook
star star star star star5

I just recently learned that such programs exist and immediately engaged in the study of the market. I have my own TikTok business and being able to spy on my competitors' ad campaigns I think can really change the game! Bought the app just a week ago, the functionality is impressive. I'm still trying it out, but my first impressions are beyond compare, other available tools do not give me half of the possibilities offered by TkSpy

instagram Instagram
star star star star star5

Definitely, TkSpy is a top solution for hacking TikTok. I used it to hack my sister's friend's profile, after hacking I was able to track his correspondence, view his hidden posts, even detect geolocation! I'll be honest, I didn't really explore the features of the app initially, so it was all a pleasant surprise. I would give it a 10 out of 10 rating and would definitely recommend it.

instagram Instagram
star star star star star5

I bought the app to track and then hack a TikTok profile, which was abandoned quite a long time ago. I got it, now I own a page with 40k subscribers and sell advertising :))) Later I'll maybe expand the account, if I find more such options. Overall, everything is 5+, the app is completely satisfying and the purchase paid off completely.

facebook Facebook
star star star star star5

This software has helped me tremendously with family problems. My son was wating pocket money all the time and we couldn't figure it out until I tried TkSpy. It turned out to be the perfect solution because he uses TikTok Coins to drain his money, which is exactly what you can track here.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do the likes and comments left under hacked private videos show up in the app interface?

Yes, the software displays as much video data as possible in the Dashboard. In addition to the likes and comments, you can see the number of views, track the Reactions created on the video.

Will I be able to download tracked private TikToks to my device?

Yes, you can! Moreover, you can enable TkSpy syncing with your device, and set it so that all private videos are downloaded to your device automatically.

Can a hacked user find out that I've watched their private videos?

No, because you won't interact with the videos through the TikTok interface. Using a third-party interface ensures complete anonymity of viewing.

Will the app be able to track the user's IP address if he or she uses a VPN?

The app can't track the real IP address, but it can identify the use of a VPN. In this situation, the received IP address will be marked with the appropriate marker.

Is it possible to determine which filters were used to create the viewed private videos?

It is possible! In Publications > More info > Filters, you can track all the filters that the profile owner has ever used when creating TikToks.