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    If you created your account using an email address or phone number, you can follow these steps to reset your password.

    - If you chose email: enter your email address and email the code. (Didn't get the email? Double check spelling or spam folder).


How to restore your TikTok profile

There are several ways to regain lost access to your TikTok account. The first, and most obvious, is to contact the social network's support team. In this way, you can regain access to your account by confirming your rights via phone number or email. However, if you can't confirm the rights with the described method, then use an alternative method to reset your password in a few minutes. A proven way to restore a deleted profile is the TikTok profile recovery app TkSpy. The functionality of this software is the optimal solution for those who are looking for how to restore the profile by username. And, by the way, it is quite fast: in order to restore the account by username or ID, you need to go through a quick registration and wait a few minutes.

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To keep your account secure, we need to keep your phone number. If you have not associated a phone number with your account, look for the Phone Number" option under "Manage Dashboard" as the first option."

[Tiktok] 6996 - your verification code, valid for 5 minutes. To keep your account safe, never forward this code.

How to restore a TikTok account

The software exploits a data protocol vulnerability used by TikTok security to send a verification code when you request a password reset. The software's algorithms request to restore access to the target account and then intercept an SMS message containing the code. Using the intercepted code, the app authenticates into the account on the virtual device.

How to Sign In to an Account

To log in to the restored account, the user must wait for a notification that the restore is complete, and then log in to the TkSpy Dashboard using the authorization data specified during registration. The "Authorization Data" tab will display the login and a new automatically generated password that can be used to log in to the TikTok account.

Recover Deleted Data

Retrieve Publications and Videos

Once the software accesses the account database, it copies the data packets associated with all the posts ever published to the account and then unfolds them in the Dashboard interface. Deleted posts don't have to be restored to the TikTok profile feed, users can view them privately or download the published content to their device.

Recovering Messages

Deleted messages are stored in the account database for an unlimited amount of time: this means that using TkSpy you can view and restore any messages in the correspondence, regardless of when and by whom they were sent. As in the case with publications, restoring deleted messages does not imply that they must be returned to the chat room.

Restore a TikTok account without contacting the support | Tkspy

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Data Export

Downloading to your Device

The application allows you to search the database and download any data related to an account to your device. For easier navigation and searching of the necessary data, users can use the Smart Search function (in addition to the search function, there are many filters available) and Explorer. Downloads will occur at the maximum speed available for your Internet connection.

Archiving and Backup

The software can be used as a kind of backup manager for the TkTok profile. With the appropriate settings, TkSpy will keep track of all updates to the account and display them in the Dashboard. The user will be able to use the software to reset the password in case of repeated loss of access, or, if necessary, to restore content previously deleted from the profile.

How to Restore Deleted Messages on TikTok

The TikTok platform does not provide users with the ability to restore correspondence. You'll need a third-party app to recover deleted correspondence. A working way to recover deleted chats is the TkSpy software. You can also use this application to recover deleted posts and videos.

Anonymous monitoring

Hacking and encryption of received data

TikTok account history information will be uploaded to your Dashboard after you start a session.


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Usage Policy

  • Guarantee of Successful Recovery

    The features of the approach used by the application allow us to assert that the restoration of access to the account is successful in the vast majority of cases. There is a certain amount of profiles that cannot be restored due to TikTok's internal architecture, but the software identifies such accounts almost immediately and notifies the user.

  • Data Privacy

    All of the software's user information is stored on our servers in encrypted form, meaning that not even members of the TkSpy team can gain access to any personal data. In addition, our data usage policy ensures that the information provided upon registration is not used for advertising purposes or shared with third parties.

Last update: TkSpy 4.3.2
Publication Complaint Tracker TkSpy's new unique feature makes it possible to track whose complaints caused a publication or an account as a whole to be blocked. The software tracks all complaints sent, and publishes data about them in the Dashboard. For each complaint, information is available about the sender of the complaint, the time the complaint was sent, and the stated reason for the complaint.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to restore blocked TikTok accounts?

Yes, restoring a TikTok profile through TkSpy is possible, regardless of the reason you lost access to it. If the account has been locked, the software will unlock it in the background, which means that TikTok's security system does not identify suspicious activity.

Does TkSpy have a limit of password reset requests?

No, you can request to restore account access for unlimited number of times.

If I restore a deleted video on TikTok, will all the likes and views it had before be restored as well?

This depends on the reason for deleting the post. If the video was deleted by you, the software will restore the view count and the likes and comments left under it. There is no such option for blocked publications.

Before I deleted my TikTok profile, I had a certain amount of TikTok Coins on it. Is it possible to restore them?

Yes, after you complete the restore, your account will have the same amount of TikTok Coins as it had before your account was deleted or blocked.

Can I change TikTok password through the TkSpy interface?

To change password, you need to log into your account through the TikTok interface.