Identify someone else's location through TikTok

Application-tracker GPS geolocation data

To start tracking GPS data, enter the user's TikTok ID or the phone number to which their account is linked:
  • check Real-time location tracking
  • check Tracking Appearance of Users Nearby
  • check Enable Parental Controls for TikTok
  • check Clear and fast cross-platform interface
  • check Exportable history of published geotags

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Location Viewer
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How to track location of a TikTok user

To track another person's location through TikTok, you need to set up a tracking on their profile using a location tracker. A reliable and proven way to hack someone else's location is TkSpy geo-positioning hacking software. This GPS tracker is suitable to find out who another person is meeting with, track another person's movements, find out where the TikTok user has been.

us Moscow 125009, Gazetny per. 9, building 5

15 days ago

us Moscow 125009, Gazetny per. 9, building 5

10 minutes ago

us 125084 Moscow, Podkolokolny per. 3, building 1

2 days ago

us Moscow 121069 Bulvarny per. 18, build. 2

5 minutes ago

Location Tracking

Monitoring Actual Geopositioning

To track where another person is via TikTok, users need to log in to TkSpy Dashboard and open the GPS Tracking tab. Monitoring of geopositioning is realized by live-translation of GPS data: the data is converted into coordinates and then displayed on interactive web-maps. The maximum delay in displaying the geoposition is no more than 10 seconds.

Full Movements History

All broadcast data is saved and archived, creating a travel history. In order to see where the user was during a certain period of time, open the GPS Tracking tab and change the settings of geodata display from Actual Location to Selected Period and then specify the time interval of interest in the data entry window that appears.

Hacking GPS data. How does it work?

The software gets access to the target user's location data by hacking their account authorization data and then logging into their account on the virtual device. Once authorized, the software uses the geolocation data access permission held by the hacked TikTok app to install a GPS data tracking tool on all devices on which the hacked account is authorized. This approach allows for autonomous 24/7 tracking of a user's movements.

People Nearby
People nearby
Alexander Gobets

4.21 km from here

Sergey Vorontsov

6.17 km from here

Irina Kosidlova

7.25 km from here

Evgenia Stonkova

12.29 km from here

Users Nearby

How It Works

Because TikTok constantly tracks the location of its users, the software is able to find out if a compromised user's followers or friends are in the vicinity. The information obtained is streamed in real time to interactive web maps in the Dashboard.

Instant Notifications

Notification system allows to increase tracking efficiency: using a variety of available filters users can set alerts in such a way that they will instantly know about the meetings of the person being tracked. The software can also track by TikTok ID the appearance of nearby users who are not friends or fans of the account owner.

Parental controls

Setting Controls

In order to set parental controls on TikTok via TkSpy, you do not need to download or install anything or interact in any way with the devices your child uses. All you have to do is enter their phone number or TikTok ID, make a payment (a standard package is enough for parental control), and wait for the tracking tool to be installed.

Tracking Your Child

After the tracking tool is launched, you can authorize in the Dashboard. Using the software, you can not only constantly track your child's location via TikTok, but also read his correspondence, see private and deleted publications, learn about his new activity in the social network.

  • TikTok Child Location
  • Parental Control

3 reasons to use TkSpy for geolocation tracking via TikTok

By following the sequence of steps below, you'll be able to access the geolocation information of any TikTok user at all times.



The software installs tracking on all devices where the target account is authorized at the time of the hack. This approach allows you to track a user's actual location and movements directly, without any dependence on the TikTok app. For example, geodata tracking will continue even if the user has no internet connection.


High accuracy

For the same reason, we can guarantee the high accuracy of the broadcast data. The displayed geo-position corresponds to the real position of the user, with a maximum error of 5 square meters. For devices with a Dual GPS chip, the app displays geolocation with a maximum accuracy of 1 square meter.


User-friendly web interface

The the Dashboard interface is designed with comprehensive tracking in mind - that's why we paid special attention to user experience and uncomplicated structure: from any TkSpy tab you can get to any other tab by making no more than 5 clicks. In addition, the web interface ensures minimal load on the device and its battery.

Anonymous monitoring

Hacking and encryption of received data

TikTok account history information will be uploaded to your Dashboard after you start a session.


Provide phone number or @username

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I track another person's movement history on TikTok through the TkSpy software?

TkSpy saves information about all the movements of the target user. In order to see them, open the web maps in the Dashboard, change the map settings from Actual Location to Selected Period, and set the time period you are interested in.

How can I track where a private video has been recorded and published on TikTok?

To see published TikToks on the map, you need to activate this feature in Settings (Settings > GPS Data > Show TikToks on Map).

Is it possible to export geodata from TkSpy to other web maps?

You can export the entire movement history of a tracked user at once as a CSV spreadsheet or display their current location in any mapping application by clicking the Export Coordinates button.

Will the software track a user's location if they do not use the TikTok app on a regular basis?

Having the app installed on the device is important for tracking to take place, as the software uses the permissions it owns; how often the user opens the app is completely irrelevant.

The TkSpy app shows me the geolocation of multiple devices. How do I know which one is used by the person who is being tracked?

The easiest way is to track which device the user last opened applications from. To do this, you need to go to the Tracking section and open the Active Sessions tab.